A.Prof.Wael Yafooz

Dean, Faculty computer and information technology, Al Madianh International University, Malaysia

Speech Title: Important of Data Management in 4 Industrial Revolution (4 IR)

Speech Abstract:  The concept of data management is the practice of storing, validating and processing required data to accessibility and reliability of data for its users. The data sources come across web and social services, IoT, sensing, transactions of any online organizations, machines, so on. These huge amounts of data can be found in the servers into structured, unstructured and semi-structured. Moreover, these data are stored few categories such, graph based, documents based, key value based and column based. The purpose of data management is not a goal in itself, rather than the key to innovation and knowledge discovery and to integration and reuse after the data publication process. Many organizations and governmental agencies are beginning to require data management and plans for various experiments. Beyond the collection of data and archival, it includes to ‘long-term care’ that is valuable digital assets .

Organizations gather unstructured data such internal sources (e.g., sensor data) and external sources (e.g., social media). Therefore, from the emergence of data management technologies and analytics enabled the organizations to process data in their business and innovative processes. One of the techniques is facial recognition technology that empowers to acquire intelligence about store traffic, composition of customers, and store movement patterns. These information’s are invaluable of leveraged to decisions product promotions, staffs and for placement [2]. In fact, the traditional data management systems assuming by a user query, that they have enough knowledge of the schema, contents and meaning, and certain the query they wanted to pose, thereafter, the system tries to produce complete and correct results. To handle the sensor data in structural monitoring applications, traditional relational database management systems (RDBMS) employs, however little efforts devoted of data management for fundamental issues. For storing, managing and retrieving large scale of data, Apache H-Base, Apache Cassandra, and MongoDB noted as NoSQL (Not only SQL) database tools have designed to handle unstructured data. NoSQL database systems are significant rather than RDBMS for flexibility and scalability. For sensor network data to handling and managing, Apache Cassandra shown a better performance of scalability from massive IoT data which is NoSQL system . Apache Cassandra supports large scale of data management and processing as well. In this talk, will talk about the important of data management  and the technquies that help in data mining and discover the insight from huge amount of data.


Prof.Hui Li(李晖教授/副院长)
Vice-Dean, School of Information Science and Technology, Hainan University, China.

Speech Title: Key techniques and application in Intelligent Mobile Deviceof 5G and its beyonds in sea-adaptive communications and networking
Speech Abstract: In the report, some traditional ways for marine communication is narrated briefly such as VHF and WiMAX for line-of-sight communication, and shortwave reflection communication, scattering communication, satellite and microwave relaying for beyond-line-of-sight communications. Then some communications techniques in 5G and beyond are analyzed. 

What kind of communication can be called sea-adaptive? That is a good question and some potential answers may be put forward by us in this conference hall today. There are so many interesting topics in the field of maritime communication and underwater acoustic communication, searching and detection, e.g. a new method to provide additional degree of freedom to enhance the capacity. 

We have to admit these topics are much more complex and also much more difficulty for each one of us, even for excellent scholars and researchers around the world. Fortunately, they are not much ahead from us, and in certain areas we are running on the same line with them. Finally, let’s wish the meeting success and may more and more achievements are taken by us all!

1543453460239960.pngProf.Sanjeev Wagh

Professor & Head of Information Technology Government College of Engineering, Karad India.

Speech Title: Reviews of Nature inspired metaphors for heuristic solutions.
Speech Abstract: Most of the conventional approaches to solve generic problems are often challenging due to their sheer size and to find heuristic solution. Some of the problems may take longer time to compute the solution then the age of universe existence. Nature inspired computing have proved to solve many complex problems by imitating specific phenomenon from nature and within impressive time limit.

Recently the nature based algorithms like artificial bee colony, the firefly, social spider, bacterial foraging, cuckoo search, leaping frog, the Bat, flower pollination, Strawberry, the Seed Based Plant Propagation, artificial plant optimization and many more inspiring to give committed solutions.  It is exciting to know existing and recently investigated nature inspired methods for engineering domain problems. However, there is an inherent capacity in these methods across different problem domains to give prominent solutions.  This review would focus on scope for future studies for selecting suitable method for targeted problem. Also concentrate attentions to unattained applications using nature inspired metaphors. 


Prof.Anhui  Liang(梁安辉教授),IEEE Senior Member

Guangdong University of Technology(GDUT), China

Chief Scientist,Wuhan Research Institute of Post and Elecommunications,China

Speech Title: Application of Optical Fiber Communication Technology in Intelligent Mobile Device

Speech Abstract:TAB