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Guangzhou is the Chinese revolution in modern times and modern source. Sanyuanli well-known Anti-British struggle against the people, Huanghuagang uprising occurred Guangzhou Uprising in Guangzhou. Guangzhou Sun Yat-sen at the Whampoa Military Academy founded, once the provisional government set up three. Mao Zedong founded here by the peasant movement workshops and training a large number of the backbone of the revolution. Zhang Tailei, Ye Ting, Ye Jianying and other Leaders of the dynamic here at the Guangzhou Uprising, and the establishment of the Soviet regime Guangzhou "Guangzhou Commune." Lu Xun, Guo, Yu Da-fu, Peng Pai, Ma, Xiao Yang Zou, Zhong-wu, such as Guangzhou have to spread advanced culture.

State Department announced in 1982 the ancient city of Guangzhou for the state historical and cultural city.

Guangzhou, also known as "Yangcheng Friday", "Guangzhou City." Alias of Guangzhou has about a beautiful story, legend, when the Chou dynasty Guangzhou famine years, people living in dire poverty. 5 a day over the South China Sea floated clouds of color, there is riding on the sheep's five immortal Sally, Sally the sheep population Goshiki rice mouth. Bestowed immortal people put rice and blessings never famine here. After the fairy left, because 5 cents sheep and remained attached to the world, to bless the local weather conditions. Thank the people for five immortal, they left the place at the construction of a "concept of five cents," in view of the statue there is five cents, accompanied by wuyang stone. This legend was the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games Mascot applied.

Large number of cultural relics in Guangzhou. Existing national, provincial and municipal conservation units in a total of three 219, one of 19 key national heritage conservation units, and provincial-level units to be protected 41, 159 municipal units to be protected. Zhongshan has four area sites found in the Qin and Han Dynasties and the South Vietnamese shipbuilding Palais des Nations Department sites, one of the Palais des Nations Department of South Vietnam two sites was rated "top ten archaeological discoveries." At present, the Palais des Nations Department sites in South Vietnam, South King, South Vietnam and other countries sluice three sites in South Vietnam United States to declare the United Nations is historical World Heritage Site.

Guangzhou City Center is located at latitude 23 degrees 06 minutes 32 seconds, longitude 114 degrees 15 minutes 53 seconds, is located in southern China, central and southern Guangdong Province, the northern margin of the Pearl River Delta. The brink of Guangzhou South China Sea, adjacent to Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and Macao Special Administrative Region of China, Chinese are the southern gateway to the world. The case of hilly areas in Guangzhou. High-lying north-east, south-west low, north and north-east are the mountains, are the central hills, plateaus, alluvial plain south of the Pearl River Delta. China's third major rivers - the Pearl River from Guangzhou flow over urban wear.

Guangzhou is located in subtropical, across the Tropic of Cancer, the annual average temperature of 22.8 ℃, the lowest temperature of about 0 ℃, the maximum temperature of 38 ℃, and pleasant weather, is the annual average temperature difference between one of the smallest cities. Guangzhou is a subtropical monsoon climate, because of the mountains and sea, with warm and wet, adequate light and heat, summer long, a short characteristics of frosty period. Hot water throughout the year over the same period, rainfall, conducive to plant growth, for four seasons evergreen, the flowers, "Huacheng" Guangzhou has provided excellent conditions. Average annual rainfall is 1982.7 millimeters, with an average relative humidity was 68%. Year, for the April-June rainy season, August to September the weather is hot, many typhoons, October-December moderate temperatures, are the best tourist season.